Commonly Asked Questions

1What do your websites cost?
A host of factors go into determining the price of developing a website, though we go out of our way to simplify the process and offer a clear and easy to understand pricing structure. Its unrealistic to believe that any web development company can give you a set price without first discussing the project in depth. When you speak with any of our account managers, they will be able to offer you an immediate ballpark figure of what to expect, as far as pricing goes. If you’re still interested, than within 48 hours we’ll send you a detailed process of cost . After the project begins, there are times in which a client may want to deviate from the original concept, or add more robust functionalities which require the original agreed price to change. If and when those situations occur, we will always alert you “in writing” beforehand, and proceed only after your approval.
2I saw an ad from a company who claims says they will develope a website for for less than $500. Any reason not to give it try?
Like you, we’ve seen those claims in ads on the side of the road as well. Be lary of any company that claims to build a website for a set price. The more probable scenario is that they’ll build your website using a simple template that most laymen could do themselves. There might be a host of templates to choose from, but you can be sure they will be generic, and in all likelihood, a short time later you will be in the market looking to have a “real” website developed. In actuality, it's very possible we might build a particular site for less than $600, but could never do so without first determining your needs.
3How does the payment process work?
The project begins with a 25% deposit. After you approve the initial design and before we start programming, we collect 25%. Once we have completed and fulfilled our scope and receive your final approval, the final 50% is collected and your website is then scheduled for launch. As you can see by our payment structure, were extremely confident in our finished product. Our goal is having our clients being 100% satisfied with the websites we design, and in turn referring other businesses to our design agency
4Were not an online company. Why is it so important that we have an online & mobile presence?
Firstly, if your potential customer can't find you, you can be sure they’ll find your competitor. As a prime example of the importance of having a strong digital footprint, look at Dominos Pizza. Not many food operators have invested as much time and money into having a digital presence. For their efforts, they have grown into one of the fastest growing food chains in the industry. In fact many on Wall Street now consider Dominos a technology company as much as a Fast Food chain.
5What kind of companies do you work with?
We work with a range of businesses, regardless of size or business type. When you decide to have our company design or redesign your company website, our designers and content specialist will rigorously research your industry so we have an idea of what your potential visitors wants and requirements. Have a look at our portfolio to get an idea of the varied industries in which we have created an online presence for.
6We have a website, but want to optimize the site for Mobile use. Can you work with our current website?
In the last few years mobile design has exploded, but knowing what to do and where to start can be tricky. Mobile website design is not just a question of choosing between a mobile website or an app – there are a range of options in between and aspects to take into account, including responsive web design, mobile-friendly web fonts and much more. If you're satisfied with your current site design, we will be more than happy to simply optimize that site for all mobile devices & platforms. If our design team determines it will be more cost effective to start a site from scratch, than in most cases we can still use your content and images from your current site. Read here for our in depth mobile design process.
7How long does it take to build a website?
Our design team can usually create a fully responsive website in less than 45 days. Many sites will be created less than 30 days. Sites requiring e-commerce platforms and payment modules might take a bit longer, in that the time to receive payment processing approval is out of our control. This time will vary from project to project.
8Does Htech Responsive Designs provide copywriting services? How about graphic image and logo design?
Next to your website design, content is the most important feature of your website. When we design your website we offer many options for content and graphic design. Your first option is having our staff of professional copywriter & graphic designers research and create content & design from scratch. A second option is you sending us your content and or designs, and having our staff of professionals rewrite and redesign to better optimize for desktop and mobile functionality. Lastly, if you so choose, we can use the content and or designs you send us, in it’s exact form. You might already have a logo or brand you would like us to work around, which is no problem at all.
9Does Htech Responsive Designs provide ongoing website maintenance and website hosting services?
Ultimately, the decision as to whether or not you should update the site’s content is your decision. You may strongly prefer to maintain complete control over the content. Or, tight schedules and a lack of technical knowledge may prevent you from doing so. Either way, we're here to assist you in any facet which works for you. We do offer our own dedicated servers in which to host your site. We do encourage our clients to use our servers, especially if we're maintaining and updating your site on a regular basis. There is a monthly fee to host your site , which will be inline with most outside hosting services for the use of a dedicated server. Either way, you always retain 100% ownership of the site and receive monthly backups.
10Will I have a contact at htech Responsive Designs whom I can communicate with on a continuous basis?
Your business will receive a Dedicated Account Manager to act as your personal point of contact for all of your website related needs. Your Account Manager actually functions like a member of your team and is ready to assist you with questions and service at the drop of a hat, via phone, instant message or email. Don't worry, we're not attorneys, so the clock doesn't start the moment you say “hello”.